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Flavor Vacation

These flavors are on vacation. Maybe they’ll come back. Maybe they’ll never be seen or heard from again. Want to be notified if they ever return?

Image of Chai Cranberry

Chai Cranberry

The only drink you need this winter — a special blend of sweet and spicy c…

Image of Honey Pumpkin

Honey Pumpkin

Step aside, pumpkin spice. Honey Pumpkin tastes like the real thing — nutt…

Image of Tangerine Blossom

Tangerine Blossom

First, a burst of juicy citrus! Then, the delicate, floral, aromatic orang…

Image of Blueberry Wildflower

Blueberry Wildflower

Sweet blueberry nectar and chamomile delight! These juicy wild blueberries…

Image of Mango Chili

Mango Chili

We brought the heat with this sweet habanero blend. WARNING: may clear you…

Image of Banana Bergamot

Banana Bergamot

This creamy banana blend is heavenly (and the real banana extract turned i…