Edition 1: Aluminum Cans 101

Edition 1: Aluminum Cans 101

What’s the deal with your aluminum cans?

Aug 12, 2021

Why aluminum cans? 

Well, young grasshopper, we’re glad you asked. Here at Aura Bora, we try to live as sustainably as possible —  that means using the most eco-friendly drink packaging  available to us.The reality is, there's a gravitas to bringing something new into the world. We knew from the outset we wanted to protect the environment in every decision we made for Aura Bora — that meant no plastic bottles or excessive packaging like bubble wrap or styrofoam.



So what makes aluminum so ~sustainable~? Aluminum cans are actually one of the most recyclable materials on Earth and can be reused many times with little loss in material. Making a new can from recycled aluminum uses only 8% of the energy that it would take to make a can out of brand new materials. Plus, 75% of all aluminum ever  produced is still in use today. 

That means that the Lavender Cucumber you’re sipping on right this minute could be a reincarnated Cactus Rose from last year. Or an old-timey fork from the 1800s. Or an old La Croix, in which case, we’re sorry and we’re here to help you through this difficult time. IT'S THE CIRCLE OF LIFFFFEEEE.

Here's the thing... we know brands like to flex their ~sustainability practices~ with nothing to show for it. So we're going to keep walking the walk and sharing some of our latest, measurable steps.

Soooooo, what's the latest?

THE DAY HAS FINALLY COME. We are filling enough cans each month that we can officially switch from sleeved cans to printed cans. What does that mean? Since launching Aura Bora, our can labels have been made from a thin, recyclable film that wraps around the cans. Unfortunately, some cities don’t recycle sleeved cans, so printing our can art directly on aluminum 1) ensures 100% of our cans are 100% recyclable in 100% of places and 2) eliminates the step of removing sleeve art and as a result, streamlines the recycling process! So keep those little eyes peeled for some new and improved Aura Boras near you (hint: there’s currently 1.5 million out there). 

And before we dip, we’ll leave you with one last piece of WisdomTM: When you recycle your Aura Boras, don’t crush them. Many recycling plants sort their materials by shape, so crushed cans tend to be misidentified and sent to the wrong place. Also, nobody likes being crushed. 

“I had to stop crushing aluminum cans for recycling. It was soda pressing.” - you, after reading this blog post. 

Plenty more puns where that came from.

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