1. Send us your deets to apply

If we okay your application, we’ll shoot a more ~official~ form your way. Fill it out to get your discount code and weird water zoomed your way ASAP

2. Spread the word

The next step? Easy peasy. Share our cans and your discount code on your socials to help recruit other herby humans into our botanical universe

3. Earn some $$$

Herbs are green. Moolah is also green. Every time someone buys weird water using your code, you get 10% back in your pocket, plus ultimate bragging rights


These vibes? Immaculate

We like weird. We like it a lot. Show us how you #drinkweirdwater by integrating our whimsical cans with your own wonderful self


Get creative

Your creative noggin is one of the reasons we’re obsessed with you - show it off with your bomb Aura Bora pics


How do you #drinkaurabora?

Do you sip while you relax? Match your outfits to your can? Take a snapshot of how you authentically enjoy Aura Bora on the daily

Do you only do affiliate partnerships?

We’re up for anything - if you have non-affiliate ways you’d like to get involved, shoot a message over to socialmedia@aurabora.com, and our email elf will get back to ya ASAP.

Is there anybody who can’t apply?

Because we don’t ship internationally yet, we’re only able to partner with United States herbs for now.

What do I post as an Herby Instagram Ambassador?

For Instagram, we ask that you post a feed post and a story post prominently featuring Aura Bora (and also yourself, too)! Feeling stuck on what to post? Check out @drinkaurabora for some botanical inspo

Are you looking for Herby TikTok Ambassadors?

Yes, because we’re down with the youths.

Can I try some free Bora before committing?

While bubbles aren’t heavy, cans of water are, so unfortunately, we can’t ship free samples quite yet. If you’re looking to try some Aura Bora before signing up, check out our “Where to Find” page.

Any other questions?

Socialmedia@aurabora.com got your back.