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Growing up, my family spent two weeks every summer in Yosemite National Park.  We hiked in the valley, picked wild berries, and took pictures of birds and black bears  along the way.  I also used to swim in the Merced River and pretend I was a migrating salmon because… well, I was a weird kid. 

Though I’m older and marginally wiser now, the Birkenstock-wearing, leave-no-tracing, migrating salmon is still alive in me.  Every summer, I still visit Yosemite and enjoy the nostalgic smells  and fields of wildflowers stretching across valleys beneath Half Dome.

So, it only made sense for our next limited edition flavor to honor Yosemite National Park. Introducing our newest flavor, Blueberry Wildflower! On every can, you’ll find a young black bear named Snoot. Snoot spends her days climbing coniferous trees, swatting at fish (real ones), balancing berry towers on her beary nose (see what I did there?), and unironically making chamomile flower crowns like it’s still the 2013 Tumblr era. If you’re wondering why Snoot the black bear isn’t black, we’re here to tell ya that black bears are actually often brown, tan, and even white. Yes, we’re also confused but it’s Snoot’s world and we’re just living in it. 



The flavors:

Filled with mellow chamomile and alliterative blue bundles of berry bursts, Blueberry Wildflower is a summery homage to our state’s oldest national park. Blueberries are filled with high levels of fiber and antioxidants and give our smol brains a much needed boost. Chamomile, on the other hand, has a lovely, sweet and floral flavor. You might recognize it from your favorite sleepytime tea — it’s known to help with sleep and relaxation. Perfect for hibernation! 

Here’s my favorite part. 20% of Blueberry Wildflower sales  will be donated directly to Yosemite Conservancy, a nonprofit dedicated to preserving all of Yosemite’s diverse nature and wildlife! Since 2010, Yosemite Conservancy has completed over 700 conservation projects; restoring the ancient Mariposa redwood grove, rebuilding Yosemite Valley trails, and even teaching visitors about proper conservation techniques.

So this summer, grab a can of Blueberry Wildflower and come see their hard work for yourself! Who knows, maybe you’ll even get to boop Snoot’s snoot 👀* 

*we do not advocate for the booping of wildlife snoots, please admire their snootage from a safe and respectful distance.

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