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Hello Honey Pumpkin!

Hello Honey Pumpkin!

Oct 19, 2022

Double double toil and trouble, herbs and fruits and water bubbles.... HONEY PUMPKIN IS HERE! (Is Shakespeare rolling over in his grave? probably). 

Okay, we know what you’re thinking. “Pumpkin sparkling water? Stop the madness.” First of all, we will never. Second of all, just wait until you get your hands on these autumnal sips — with notes of sweet honey drizzles and nutty pumpkins, Honey Pumpkin transports you to a land of all things spooky, nice, and pumpkin spice. 

Though this land sleeps by day, as night descends, it comes alive. Bats swoop over flowing honey rivers and tangled green vines, dancing through crisp falling leaves, and weaving between crooked branches. Bring your binoculars, rest amongst the pumpkins and stay a while — you’ll be sure to spot our beloved bat bestie, Baddie.

You may see Baddie and think of cave-dwelling creepy-crawlies or a particular 2008 romance film (team Edward), don’t worry — she’s far from scary.  Like all fruit bats, Baddie is a  puppy of the sky who eats just that…. fruit! 

The coolest fact about Baddie? She’s a pollinator! Just like birds, bees, and butterflies, Baddie flies from plant to plant, dispersing the seeds far and wide. In fact, pollinators like Baddie areresponsible for many natural snacks and textiles in our homes  like bananas, guava, agave, raw fibers, and oils. Over 300 species of fruit depend on bats for pollination.

Our fruit bat friends need our help. We’ll be donating 20% of Honey Pumpkin sales to our friends over at Pollinator Partnership! Many species of pollinators including 1/4 of fruit bat species — are facing extinction due to hunting, urban growth, deforestation, and habitat loss. Luckily, Pollinator Partnership has been protecting pollinators’ habitats for 25 years through lots of hard work. Since 1997, over 30 million acres of agricultural landscapes and pollinator habitats (1200 acres in Southern California alone) have been improved and restored thanks to the Pollinator Partnership. 

No tricks here, only treats 🦇 🍯 🎃 



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