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Let us take you back to ancient times: the year of 2002. Future founders of Aura Bora meet at a New Hampshire sleepaway camp for the first time. They spend their summers immersed in the New England outdoors, hiking in the White Mountains and becoming lovers of the environment along the way. They avoid single-use plastic, install solar panels, buy second-hand clothing, and practice “Leave No Trace” on hiking trails.


Flashforward twenty years, and ta-da! Our herby water is born. We loved the earth back then, we love it now, and as a result, we created Aura Bora. In Aura Bora land, all are welcome; humans, creatures, mossy rocks, giant strawberries. Aura Bora is a celebration of all earthly things — from the people sipping our bubbles, to the chameleons and porcupines and sloths on our cans, to the wild and vibrant habitats  they live in. But in an age where being “environmentally friendly” is often used as a trendy marketing tool, we wanted to ensure that loving the planet wasn’t something we could just say, but something we could show.  


When you put something into the world, it comes with responsibility. And we take that very seriously. To make sure we’re not just talkin’ the talk but walkin’ the walk, we’ve become an official partner of 1% of the Planet. As a 1% for the Planet company, we donate 1% of all of our annual sales to wonderful, vetted environmental nonprofits around the globe working to restore and protect our environments. 


Plus, every time we release a new limited edition flavor, 20% of the sales go directly to an environmental cause of our choice. Hibiscus Passionfruit was created in partnership with the Surfrider Foundation, cleaning our oceans, waves, and beaches. All the little Lime Cardamom cans we sent out into the world helped conserve invertebrates (bugs!) and their habitats, all thanks to the Xerces Society. And a portion of Tangerine Blossom sales went to Friends of Trees to combat deforestation through community tree planting. The list goes on! 


Luckily, that’s just the tip of the sparkling water iceberg. From this point forward, every time we drop a new delightfully weird and fantastically peculiar flavor, we’ll make sure it’s both good for our taste buds and for the planet. As we like to say: weird water for all creatures!



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